I'll change my name

2017-06-18 22:49:00 by AleXizGD


I seriously think of changing my name to "ALESDA!" Or "ALESDAX!", Idk, if you do not get scared when I change it and say that I stole AleXiz's songs haha, when I am he.


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2017-06-18 23:55:30

In my opinion, I think what makes a name great is just you like it. Any name can be great, it does not even have to make sense. I personally think there are two rules to this:
1. Do not put numbers
2. Do not put your name
3. Do not copy someone's else's name or try to impress someone

In short, you do you :P

AleXizGD responds:

Oh then I leave it or I change it xd?