Hello!!! ;3;

2017-07-16 00:54:10 by AleXizGD

Hello, I am ALESDA !, previously my name was AleXiz, but I got bored and I changed it to this, but as Newgrounds does not let me change my name, I stayed with the old XD, anyway, I hope and enjoy my music, Chau.


Use my songs for your levels

2017-07-12 00:09:58 by AleXizGD

Hey guys, you can officially use my songs for your levels of Geometry Dash uwu

I'll change my name

2017-06-18 22:49:00 by AleXizGD


I seriously think of changing my name to "ALESDA!" Or "ALESDAX!", Idk, if you do not get scared when I change it and say that I stole AleXiz's songs haha, when I am he.

Hello ;3;)/

2017-05-26 22:51:29 by AleXizGD

Hello, I am AleXiz, I am a producer who does melodic music, from drum & bass, future bass and a style of glitch hop, also a little drumstep, I hope you like my music.

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